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Cindy Maddera


I am a home body at heart. I like tinkering around the house or lounging on the couch reading. I like being home. After two weekends on the road, I'm ready to play the home body role. I've got some big plans for the weekend. There will be the usual trek out to the Farmer's Market (my food situation has been sketchy at best lately), but I've got some major yard work that I feel I must take care of. I've already cleared a spot for a new herb garden. This weekend I'll put in some kind of rock/stone edging, fill in with dirt and move over my herbs. Next I'm building a compost bin from wood pallets and finally, I'm tearing down the old garden. It's time. It's just become a big ugly mess that I mow around. I already had two pallets sitting outside and had planned to pilfer two more from my basement. I was just beginning to struggle with the first pallet, scooching to the stairs when my ex-landlord stopped by. I am so thankful for that guy. Not only did he carry two pallets out of my basement for me, but he also installed a clothesline. Yip! Today he's coming back by to install window screens and hang my new painting. I'm hoping he'll be gone by the time I get home, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry when I see Jen's piece hanging on my wall.

This week I'm thankful for little home projects. I am thankful for clothes dried by a Spring breeze. I am thankful for unexpected help. I am thankful for the fresh foods I have planned for the next week. I am thankful for some time to rest and just be in my little yellow house. And of course, I am thankful (as always) for you and your kind, loving words.

Here's to a wonderful weekend and a very Thankful Friday!