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It seems like ages since I've written a Garden Diary entry. It seems like ages since I've actually had my hands in the dirt. It was time to change that. I'd finally had enough of looking at the messy out of control old garden. The Jens had given me a marvelous idea for a spot just right of my garage door. When Jen mentioned putting some sort of flower bed there, I could see all my herbs in that spot. So I became determined to make it happen and say farewell to the old garden. Turned out to be a pretty simple idea.

Droopy Herbs

The herbs look a bit droopy in this picture, but they have perked right up in their new home. I'm thinking of extending the bed all along the back of the house. Actually, the more I think of it, the more I really think this will happen. It would be a great place for garlic and leaks, camomille and pepper. I could grow pepper. Why have I never thought of this before?

The last time I was at my parents', my mom gave me one of those counter top compost bins. I took it knowing I'd fill it up right away. This also meant that I'd need a spot to dump it in the yard. I already had two wood pallets from dad and I knew there were more I could pilfer from the basement. I dragged four of them together and bound them together with wire and just like that, I had a proper compost bin.

Compost BIn

I'm right proud of myself. Talaura says I'm building a farm. I guess that means the chickens are the next thing. Maybe next Spring. Right now I'm content with the salad I had for dinner last night with lettuce freshly picked from my garden.

Lettuce, carrots and onions