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Cindy Maddera


It's done. I've transformed my bedroom from bleak to beautiful with a snap of my fingers. OK, maybe not a snap. There was a lot of sweat involved. Also, I found out that if you wear thin yoga pants and a thin tank top that paint soaks right though them and onto your skin. I was particularly messy with this paint job and found myself covered in Aqua Breeze paint. This is what the sad, sad bedroom looked like before:

Sad Bedroom
Dungeon like

It kind of resembled a monk's cell. No wonder I was having a terrible time sleeping (as if this is the only reason). Now the bedroom looks like this:

Blue Oasis
Poster Headboard

And I've hung some things on the walls!

Nicknacks on the Wall

And added to the nightstand!


And now the bedroom is a place I like walking into. It's not completely finished. I'd like to hang curtains one day. I even looked at them at various stores, but curtains are stupid expensive and they make me angry. I may eventually just make some. Also I'd like to one day replace my nightstand with wall shelves and put some more wall shelves up on that other wall. I'm on the look out for a nice floor mirror to go near the closet door. But those are things that can wait. I was on a budget and trying to use things that I already have. The things I bought this weekend were paint, blinds and a new comforter (it was on sale). In total I spent about $200 and this is something I can live with.