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After lunch on Saturday, I wondered into the vintage shop next door. The Thistle is filled with things I'd love to have. When I finally get around to re-doing my kitchen, I'll be visiting this place again. The owner has a lovely selection of orange kitchen things. But I went in to just look, until I saw a small bed frame hanging on the wall. I couldn't find a price tag, but I was pretty sure I wanted it.

Bed Frame

So I asked Marni, the owner, if it was for sale. The one on the wall was yellow. I wasn't too hip to yellow, but I figured I could make it work. But then Marni said "I've got a brown one I'll sell you that's cheaper, if you don't mind the color". Sold! You see, the minute I saw it hanging on the wall, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and the brown was an even better fit for that idea. I wanted to hang pictures on it. Also, Marni really wanted to hang onto the yellow one. I could tell. She's turning her's into a calendar. It's going to be brilliant when she finishes it.

Bed Frame. Picture Frame

It was the simplest of projects and the total cost was about $25 ($20 for the frame, $4 for the pictures, clips I already owned). The hardest part was picking out what pictures to have printed and I ended up printing out more than I needed. But that's fine because then I can just change out photos whenever. I'm always saying that I need to print out some of my pictures. I just never know what to do with them if and when I do. This idea was so simple, I wish I'd stumbled into that shop earlier.