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Cindy Maddera


My mother and I don't always sit on the same bench. I think a lot of this has to do with my mom always being super eager to help and I'm always super eager to not accept help. As I think of this now, after hearing and reading countless stories from other moms, I was probably a really difficult child. I was my mom's last opportunity for mothering someone. The last one to dote and coddle. But I was not one for being doted on or coddled. In my head, mothering sounds too much like smothering and mom figured this out about me early on. She left me alone, but pushed just enough. Mostly she just sat back quietly waiting for those times that I would ask for help. One time, I was making a dress for a 4-H project and the sewing machine was acting all wonky. If I pressed on the foot pedal just a little, nothing would happen. If I pressed just a bit more, the sewing machine would take off and then keep going even though I'd pulled my foot off the pedal. It seemed like I was hollering "MOM!" every five minutes. She finally gave up and just laid on the floor in the sewing room while I worked. Occasionally she'd check my work and either declare it good or hand me the seam ripper. This is how it is with us. She's either there supporting or handing me the tools to clean up the mess, but she always waits for me to ask.

So today, not just because Sunday is Mother's Day, I am thankful for my mom. I am thankful that she understands that I am independent and stubborn about. But most of all, I'm thankful for those times when I recognize that I do need a little coddling, those times when I need my mommy, she is always there.

To all my moms out there, have a wonderful weekend. And to all of us, a very Thankful Friday.