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One of my coworkers asked me what I had planned for this weekend and when I said I'd be driving to OKC, he exclaimed "Again!". Then I told him, last weekend was Tulsa. Tulsa is not the same as OKC. Then he said "this is why you needed a new car". True that bro. So I'm on the road again today for another full weekend of friends, wedding (maybe I should have purchased a new dress), friends, laughter, and love. Hopefully there's some good Mexican food in there somewhere. I don't take Hooper with me on these trips to OKC. The drive is too long and I really need to get a ramp because getting him in and out of the car has become difficult for both of us. So, he'll spend the weekend at the local vet's. I'm thankful that I have a place so close that I trust. I am also thankful they have a groomer. For weeks now the shedding has reached critical mass in our home. I've been trying to brush him before he comes in in the evenings. The day after I bathed him, I had to clean the brush about seven times. It looks like I'm growing tribbles in the backyard. Plus, puppy is hot. He needs to get his summer hair style going. I'm thankful that can happen this weekend.

Other things I'm thankful for? Well, some financial things have finally fallen into place. This week I payed off my washer and dryer and completely paid off one of the big credit cards. That's a super nice feeling. I am now down to one credit card to pay off. Next week I'll sit down and re-work the budget and start funneling more into savings. I've got some big travel plans to budget for. This Thankful Friday entry is starting to make me yawn. All of this to say, I have many blessings in my life. And right now those blessings are in another state which requires lots of road tripping. But that's what summer's for right?

Here's to a wonderful weekend and a very Thankful Friday!