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Lately if I have just one day where I've stuck with a routine I feel like I've won something. This week? I've won a freakin' gold medal at the Olympics. Yoga has happened everyday. My face has been washed before bed every night. Teeth have been brushed and flossed every night. Chore nights happened. Monday was clean the bathroom night, followed by Tuesday's dust and vacuum and Water The Plants Wednesday. Every time I felt like I'd give in to the gravitational pull of the couch, I'd shake myself and say "Cindy...if you don't do this, you will not have a Thankful Friday entry". Totally not true, but sometimes I have to bribe myself Wednesday, I bought some of that Technu stuff my sister told me to get and started scrubbing myself with it every time I started to get itchy. That night I slept straight through. Didn't get up once. And the next day, I noticed that I didn't need to scrub my arms as much. The patch on my elbow doesn't even look bubbly any more. It's still itchy, but manageable itchy. I no longer feel the need to peel my skin off my body.

These are the things I'm thankful for this week. I'm thankful for finally having some will power to keep a routine going. I'm thankful for some relief from the itchy poison ivy. I'm thankful for the rest I've been able to get. I am thankful for a successful week. And here's to a successful weekend.

Happy Thankful Friday!