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Cindy Maddera


I feel like I bent space and time with this weekend. The Jens came to KC for an art conference and stayed in my house while I went to Tulsa for my niece's high school graduation. The Jens arrived Thursday evening. I got them all settled in and then drove to Mom and Dad's early Friday morning. We all gathered in Sapulpa for dinner at Amanda's favorite mexican place. And when I say we all, I mean WE ALL. There were close friends of the family there, an ex-husband and his whole brood, aunts and uncles and great-nephews and niece-in-law and her husband and the newest member of the crazy crowd. Isn't he lovely. He has very long fingers and will play the violin. I declare it so.

Button nose

After dinner, we all sat in bleachers and screamed and cheered as Amanda crossed the stage to get her diploma. I'm so proud of the beautiful young woman she's become. I expect great things from her and I hope she knows how much she is loved.

HS Graduate

The next day was filled with farmer's markets, beignets, naps on the porch swing, dinner with more friends and family, movie and laughter. It was a lot of good packed into a very short amount of time. Then I got up early Sunday morning and drove back to KC, unloaded the car, mowed the front yard and planted my new tomato pants all before the Jens finished with their conference. Now, we're hanging out in my living room watching the Muppets Take Manhattan and resting up. Because tomorrow we've got two museums and Union Station to knock out before the Jens can even think of leaving this place.