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The Jens and I had some big plans for Monday. It included seeing the new World's Fair exhibit at the Nelson and the Toy and Miniature Museum, but when we looked these up to find visiting hours, we found that they were closed on Mondays. So then I was like what about this museum? Or This one? Or, hey remember we have that one? Closed. Closed. And Closed. Museums are closed on Mondays. So we settled on the new aquarium that just opened last month and the Union Station. We got to the aquarium the next morning 20 minutes after opening and stood in this really long line, watching another really long of school kids. We hemmed and hawed and debated and then finally jumped out of line. We figured the odds of actually getting to get up close to any of the exhibits was nil with that many kids around. So we hoofed it over to Union Station which managed to occupy three hours of our day. Really, I think we could have spent all day there.

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We covered ever inch of that wonderful place. Including areas that I'd never been before. The model train exhibit was open and free to wander around in. The Jens hovered around one model set as I looked over breath taking images of the Grand Canyon. It was here that I felt the band tighten around my ribs. My lungs began to burn and the tears pricked my eyes. The last time I was at Union Station, I was with Chris. It was the beginning of the end. He had just started to not feel well. We took that lovely picture of the two of us kissing. The more the memory invaded my head, the less I was able to breath. And then just as quickly as it rushed on me, it flew away like a broken spell. And no one was the wiser. We photographed every inch of the Union Station and even ventured outside where they have some of the old passenger cars. Some guy came out of a strange van to take a picture of us on the back of one of the trains. We ate lunch at Harvey's (fancier version of the original Harvey House) and the most wonderful waitress. She was funny and engaging and I wish I'd taken her picture. She told us about a friend of her's that made Gumbo kabobs. She really was lovely.

Train Ride

After lunch, we crossed over to the World War I memorial and museum (closed on Mondays) and climbed around the outside. Worn out, we decided to head home and take a break before dinner at my favorite little Italian place in my area. We walked off our cannolies at the Nelson's sculpture garden and by the time we made it home we were all a bit punchy and teary. It was a good trip for the Jens. JT was able to let go of some demons from her past with this trip and I think I have them convinced that they should move here. Now we just need the house next door to go on the market.

I have a bazillion pictures to upload and edit.