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Cindy Maddera


Chris and I used to be in charge of Traci's pets when she went out of town. Autumn was the first. The first weekend we had to check in on her, we worried because she hadn't eaten any of her food. So, Chris and I gave her lots of extra cookies. We had obviously been played because she ate all her food right after we left. When ever I went to Traci's, the first thing I would do is head back to her mud room, grab a cookie and give it to Autumn. Autumn knew that Cindy = cookie. I continued this tradition when Juno (the wonder weenie dog) came along. But it all started with Autumn. I always thought she looked like a Dingo. She was so beautiful. She had her rowdy moments but usually seemed so calm and peaceful. She was the Buddha of dogs. It breaks my heart that Traci had to say goodbye to her yesterday. You guys? We need to send some extra love in Traci's direction for a bit. Loosing Autumn would be hard under any circumstances, but now in particular...well it's a little extra hard. Traci has now lost two of her best friends with in months of each other.

I don't know what goes on out there in the "beyond", but I'd like to think Chris and Autumn are some where nice together. Maybe sitting by a campfire, Chris with his mug of coffee and Autumn laying at his feet with the most awesome bone to gnaw on. It's a lovely picture. And as Kizz taught us, Treats for Everyone. So say we all.