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Cindy Maddera


You know that saying "don't count your chickens before they're all hatched"? Well, that's what I did. I was expecting a fat check from the federal government and ran out and bought a car because I knew I would be getting enough to pay for the tax and tag as well as my washer and dryer. Less then a week after I got the car, I received a letter telling me they had garnished my tax return for Chris's student loans. It's going to be OK. I've filled out paperwork to get it back and I've also taken action with his 401k. I will be fine. Really fine. It's just taking time for all of this to happen, time I don't really have because that car tag is due Monday. Right off the bat my brother and sister-in-law said they'd send me the money I needed for the car tag. I kept telling them to wait. I didn't want to ask for it and I was hoping that the other stuff would get resolved. But by Wednesday, I still hadn't heard any thing. That's when Katrina texted me and I was still reluctant, but said "yes, please send me money". As much as I hate having to borrow (even though I know I can pay them back), I am super thankful that they could help and offered before I could even ask for help. I am thankful that Katrina knows me well enough to know that she may have to push me to accept help. I am thankful that she recognizes that I have a hard time accepting help. This week, my dad did a dealership drive to North Dakota this week and he decided to stop and spend some time with me on his way back home. He showed up in town around lunch time, but couldn't be convinced to go to lunch. Instead, he was dead set on dinner at one of the casinos. I gave him my house keys so he'd have a place to relax until I got off work. I'd ridden the scooter that day and as I zoomed down my street, I noticed the garage door standing open for me and dad standing on my front porch watching for me. I was so thankful that I could just ride straight into the garage without stopping. And as I talked to dad while putting my helmet away, I noticed that the grass in the back yard looked shorter. Dad had mowed my yard. Of course I got onto him for doing it, but I'm super thankful he did because this just one less thing I have to think about getting done this weekend. I have plans this weekend. Plans I am thankful for. I am unplugging and pretending that I am far far away. I will end my pretend vacation in Fayetville to hear Misti in the Listen To Your Mother event. I am so thankful I get to hear and see her.I am so honored that she was chosen. I'm super duper proud of her.

I am thankful to have so much support and talent in my life. And I'm thankful for the prospect of rain. The garden needs it. Happy Thankful Friday!