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This week has been difficult. There. I said it. I had a tough week. The yoga thing wasn't happening. Chore nights got chucked. I had friends lose a beloved pet, a friend dealing with someone from HS that committed suicide, a friend that had an ER scare (everything is fine, but those moments before you know that can suck). This week caused some damage, but nothing more than a few bruises. You guys may not realize this, but I spend a lot of time worrying about my friends. I worry more for them than myself. I don't say this to make you feel guilty. I say it so you know that there is someone out there thinking about you and praying that things are going well for you. When it looks like things are not going well, I worry about how I can fix that for you. So... I've been worrying about you guys. But somewhere in all that crap of yuck up there, there are things to be thankful for this week. Stephanie celebrated another year of her life this week and I feel like I don't say it often enough just how much I appreciate her guidance and support in my life. I am truly grateful to be blessed with such a friend. Tiffany, Tom and Allison were in town this week and we were able to meet for dinner. Tiffany helped ease some questions that had been tickling the back of my brain and I'm thankful for that. I'm also thankful for Tom's hugs. That dude could charge people money for those things and their little Allison has learned the art of hugging well. I am thankful for their visit.

I'm tired. Exhausted really. I've not had a moment of nothing in a really long time. I've been sleeping, but not sleeping well. I wake up a few times in the night, sometimes with limbs that have fallen to sleep. Then I get all mad because why can my limbs go to sleep and I can't?!? I need a day of recovery. Wednesday night I took the memory foam pad off the guest bed/couch and put it on my bed. That night, I didn't move. I woke up without a gimpy leg or a groan. It felt good. I am really thankful for that memory foam topper. And as I took it off the guest bed/couch, I started looking around the office. I was inspired to move a chest of drawers full of tools out to the garage. I believe I'll be moving more furniture around this weekend and making some headway with that office. I need a yoga space and it's time I created it. I'm thankful for this free weekend to do that.

And I am particularly thankful that my tribe is doing OK. Here's to a restful weekend and a truly Thankful Friday.