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Cindy Maddera


You know those mornings that mimic the lyrics in Manic Monday. It doesn't even have to be a Monday. It starts with the sound of that awful alarm. You get up to find the creepiest looking silverfish like bug in your shower. Once that's dealt with, which involves lots of screaming, the actual act of showering seems to take you forever. Out of the shower, you gaze at your reflection in the mirror and wonder if it's even worth the effort to dry your hair. But some how you muster the energy to not only dry your hair, but put on mascara. Go you! Next thing is breakfast and peanut butter toast day for the dog and as you feed the dog his last bite of toast, you realize the time. It's time for you to rush. Rush to put your lunch together. Rush the dog outside. Rush to gather your things for the day. Rush out the door. Then as you're rushing to put everything in the car, you glance up and there in the sky is a perfect rainbow. This is your cue to stop. To take a breath. To take notice. To stop the rush. And so I did. I took a breath, pulled out my camera and took a picture. It's not the best picture, but it was a picture. It was an action that reminded me that I needed to do this more often.

Happy Love Thursday!