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Saturday night I filled a bunch of plastic eggs with Sour Patch Kids, Hershey Miniatures and Lotto Scratchers and then Sunday evening I went over to Terry's (the one doing the AIDS Walk) where we hid eggs in the park across the street from his house. Then we let the group loose to find them. I loved it. Even if they didn't really enjoy it, they did a good job of looking like they had fun hunting those eggs. Once all the eggs were found (we think), we all gathered around the picnic table and opened eggs and scratched off scratchers.

Let the egg hunt begin!
The Egg Haul

Out of all the scratchers, Xander's was the only one that won any money. He then tried to give it back to me. We argued back and forth over this before finally agreeing to give it the AIDS Walk. I was all set to do that until Karen posted about Camp Hope. Since the money was won doing a child like activity, I felt this was a more appropriate charity. We then made our way back to Terry's house to eat eggs and cheesecake and drink and roast Peeps on the fire.

Roasting Peeps

I think I've started a new tradition. Happy love Thursday!