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Cindy Maddera


The garden is still doing gardeney things. The other potatoes have just started to break free from the dirt. I plucked another asparagus sprig. They tell me you have to do this to get them to propagate. I'm still waiting on the cabbage and beans to make an appearance, but it could just be too cold. It's been breezy and brisk around here. Which is why I think my potatoes are doing so well. I see buckets of potato soup in my future. My mom came to visit this weekend and she brought mint. She helped me do a little bit of clearing in the old garden that is now the herb garden. I had a turnip growing out there! I don't even remember planting turnips. Oh well. It was not a good turnip. We also pulled up what I thought was a radish, but all the greens came off when I tugged and it smelled like peanuts. Mom and I had to dig out the root and even then it was undecided if it was a radish or a turnip. We still don't know why it smelled like peanuts.

Garden Helper

The mint was planted. We also decided to toss some chive seeds around and poke some cucumber seeds into an old straw bale I have sitting out there. We cut vines and honeysuckle away from the fence until we reached a section of vines with the scariest thorns we'd ever seen. Then we decided that that particular section of fence didn't really need to be cleared. With that, we each plucked a berry from my wild strawberry plant, chewed enough of it to know it had no flavor and promptly spit it out.

It was a good weekend.