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Cindy Maddera


I know everyone wants to hear about the new car. But really, there's not much to tell. The stars aligned earlier then expected and I was able to get a new car. The fist dealer we went to didn't give us a warm fuzzy feeling and they said that they didn't have any base models available. I think they just wanted to sell me the plus model. which I didn't need and didn't want to pay for. The second dealer was just right. Actually we started to get an odd feeling when we realized it was on Noland Road. Chris's middle name is Nolan. Coincidence? Any way, I left that place driving a brand new Kia Soul and we were all very happy. Particularly my brother, who after five minutes in my old car said "yes, let's go trade this in RIGHT NOW". This really doesn't have much to do with the garden other than the fact that I can now haul a bit more garden supplies around. Also, my family and friends no longer need to worry about me stranded on the side of the road somewhere by myself. Now, garden! I bought some herbs and finally pulled up the old kale. Herbs are in the ground and the garden is doing everything it's supposed to be doing right now. That and more. Guys. I've got asparagus.


Oh, I know I still have a few years before I can actually eat it, but IT'S GROWING! Pretty much everything is sprouting. The only thing I haven't seen a sign of is the beans, but I have hope. Plus I have carrots and potatoes!