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I have a lot to be thankful for this week. A. Lot. Some of which I'm not quite ready to talk about because I'm not one to count her chickens before egg hatch and all that jazz. Part of that is I'm really thankful to have someone in the family who does taxes. Actually I'm more than thankful for Katrina for a million reasons. Taxes is one of them. That woman is going through her own kind of Hell (cancer can eat it) right now and still did my taxes for me. I tried to get my stuff back from her before she did them and tell her not to worry about it, but she slapped me and said fuck that shit. Not really, but she did refuse to give my W2s back. I am thankful. Also, my friend Heather is coming up to stay with me this weekend. Her intention was to come and help me do stuff around the house like garden or paint. Well, oops! I did that stuff already. But that's OK. I'm sure we can find something else to do. Maybe rearrange furniture or go see a movie. I'm thankful to have friends that want to drive such a distance to help. I suppose that's why I got so much done last weekend. I'd rather spend that time doing fun stuff with my friends rather than put them to work. I'm thankful she's coming and I can't wait to see her.

Speaking of gardens. Last Friday I put everything in the ground, but I didn't water any of it. The hose, though it has been bleached, is still in the basement from the Poop Fiasco of 2011/2012. I just didn't feel like hauling it up the stairs and then running it from the front of the house to the back and blah, blah, blah. I'd heard some rumors about rain so I shrugged it off and decided to wait it out. By Sunday when the rain hadn't appeared I started to feel bad for the things I had planted, but Monday changed all of that. I know I've done my fair share of complaining about rain. It's wet and yuck and messy and every time Hooper comes in from outside, his paws have to be cleaned and you can't ride a scooter particularly if you have a bald tire. But I sure am thankful for this week we've had of it.

And these are the things I'm thankful for this week. But most importantly and always, I am thankful for you. Here's to a great weekend and very very Thankful Friday!