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Cindy Maddera


My parents came up yesterday to take away the wood in my back yard. At first I thought that's all they were doing. Turns out they had greater plans than I did. I had just about decided to re-use last year's garden plot. I knew I wouldn't get all that wood moved. I knew I wouldn't get a raised bed built. I knew these were all tasks I couldn't accomplish in time to get seeds in the ground. I just knew it. But then here come my parents, bickering their way through wood clearing and garden building. I am thankful for it. So thankful. Now I have to decide on the plants. Maybe last year's garden will be a new herb garden. The possibilities. Misti posted on my FB wall about how I survived Wednesday. Surprising enough, I did OK on Wednesday. The glitch in the day happened when I laid down in savasana. I started sobbing and then I made my yoga teacher start crying. It was not a pretty picture. But then I got my scooter to head home and all was well. I survived. One milestone down. I'm thankful for getting through, but I'm also thankful for that release in savasana. It was a reminder to let go, a reminder to be on my mat (something I've been struggling with lately).

I am thankful for the weather which has allowed me to ride the V and build a garden. I am thankful for the hard work my parents have done for me. And I'm really thankful for the naps I'm going to allow myself this weekend. Here's to a peaceful restful weekend and a very Thankful Friday.