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Yesterday was not only my Dad's birthday, but was also my sister's birthday. How lucky is it to be a parent and have one of your kids share your birthday? I suppose it depends on how you see things (half full or half empty). I think it's pretty neat. I got really upset when my dad turned 70. It didn't seem right that I was old enough to have parents reaching into their 70s. But now, Dad is 74 and I've had some time to adjust and reflect. I still stick with my "age is relative" belief. I am thankful that my dad is still around. Not only is he still around, but he's still active. Sure, he may forget the actual date of my birthday, but he's been doing that for years now. At least he knows my birthday happens. I love my kooky dad. I am, of course, thankful for my sister too. I think you learn a lot from big sisters. I'm thankful for all the things I've learned from Janell. I am thankful for the impact she has made on my life. I am so proud of her for finding her own path and sticking to it. Around the beginning of this week I lost my health insurance. I lost my temper and I lost my patience (social security phone interview, nothing more to be said really). As we near the end of the week, all of those things lost have been found. The health insurance debacle was fixed and I was apologized to profusely for the snafu. Getting my thoughts out of my head and onto virtual paper cooled the temper. And yesterday morning I mailed off the last piece of info need by social security to finish up all that mess. I am thankful for all of it. I am thankful that I will not be heading into the weekend worried and or angry.

Which brings me to another thing I am thankful for. Today I travel to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with my family. Usually, I'm already starting to stress about getting back and taking care of things like laundry and groceries. Now that I have a working washer and dryer in the house, the laundry thing is no longer an issue. I can wash and dry clothes when ever I want! I am so thankful for this. I am thankful that I don't have to cart my dirty clothes to my parents house to save money and I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about getting it done. All very awesome things to be thankful for as I head into the weekend.

Hope everyone has a grand weekend and a very thankful Friday!