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Cindy Maddera


I know I should worry about Global Warming and the early Spring is a direct result of the damage we've done to our planet. But I'm so much like a plant. I thrive in warm sunny weather. I love it. I love going without socks and coats and heavy long sleeves and sweaters. I love seeing all the plants explode into colors. But most importantly, this weather is perfect scooter weather. Monday night I dug out the bicycle pump and struggled with my scooter tires, but I got them aired up. Yes. The back tire is bald, but I've made arrangements for a new one. In the meantime, I feel like it can handle the eight mile round trip commute to work. Something else I discovered? You can't cry on a scooter. It's impossible. The eyes may well up, but they never spill over and they dry up really fast. Then, when you don't think it's possible, you become even lighter. Happy even. I would say you become filled with joy. It's kind of magic.

Happy Love Thursday.