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Cindy Maddera


I have plans for a new vegetable garden. The plans are still in my head, but I know it's going to be a raised bed garden and there will be asparagus. Right now, a big pile of wood is sitting in the spot where all that will happen. So the first task will be to do something about that wood pile. I'm tempted to put out a "wood for sale" sign. We've had days here where the weather is very tempting. It's calling me out to the yard to do stuff. But then, just like that, the weather changes and it's cold or raining or both. I kind of like it. But then I look out into my back yard and see a mess and shoulders scrunch up to my ears and I sag a little bit. There's the old garden, cluttered with leaves and debris from the new roof. Dead tomato plants list to one side. Half of the garden is empty. The only patch of green is the kale that's still going strong. There's a lot of back breaking work to be done out there and sometimes I look out there and I can't even fathom where to begin.

But I know I want to begin which is a god start. I never imagined I'd get so much joy out of growing my own veggies.