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Cindy Maddera


I figured that a Garden Diary entry wouldn't happen this week. I mean, this is the really boring waiting for things to come up time. And I just planted those seeds. So I didn't really do any gardening over the weekend unless you count mowing the yard as gardening which I don't. I will say that I am pretty proud of myself for tackling both front and back yards. I am also pretty smug about figuring out how to start the mower. Some of you may remember that last year, Chris and I bought our first mower. Up to this point we'd had rickety old hand-me-downs that had to be primed twenty times before getting the engine to sputter. Well, we bought the new mower and then I never had to use it because Chris took over all of that and I never even noticed if it had a priming button or a key or what. There's not a key or a priming button, but I figured it out. Then, as I sat back admiring my handy work, I noticed some things had sprouted in the garden. That's right. Sprouts. In the garden. Already! The lettuce and a new batch of kale have decided to start coming up out of the ground.


Pretty soon I'll be able to stop buying the bags of salad greens and just harvest my own. I'm a little bit in love with this idea.