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Cindy Maddera


I've heard lots of stories from people about dreams they have of Chris. They always irritate me because I don't dream about him. Or if I do, like the other night, he's just there. Just like every day we were together. He's just present doing the same old usual Chris stuff. He does not impart words of wisdom to me or reassure me or yell at me or any of that "beyond the grave" stuff. The other night I dreamed that a bunch of us were hanging out. Me, Chris, Tiffany, Tom and Amy. We were lounging around some random living room eating the most awesome popcorn. The popcorn was really white and cheesy. For some odd reason it was kept in pantyhose. You had to pour it out of a leg to eat any of it. It was really messy, but totally awesome. We may have been high or drunk or both. Tiffany was telling us all about the time she was squatting in some house. She would write tons of bad checks just for the sake of writing bad checks. I remember hearing Amy say "you didn't?!?!" and me just rolling my eyes and saying "of course she did". Tiffany said that she still had some of the bad checks she'd written stored in a shoe box somewhere. Chris piped up with popcorn dribbling out the sides of his mouth and said "how do you think she paid for the boob job?". And that was it. That was the dream. It ended with us all eating pantyhose popcorn.

Maybe it's because Chris and I were more of a collective, a team. We didn't so much as impart wisdom to each other, but more like we supported each other in the wisdoms we passed around. Or it could just be that he told me everything useful before he died. With exception to the Internet stuff. But that's what Todd's for now.