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Cindy Maddera


With the exception of Monday night/Tuesday morning, this has been a pretty OK week. Pain is being managed. Food has been eaten (not much, but more than last week). Bags are draining. Chris is mumbling theories involving Isaac Asimov and Lex Luthor. The weather has been in the balmy 60s. All of this makes me extremely thankful. But I have a confession. I'm tired. I'm the kind of tired that when I lay down to sleep, I'm too tired to close my eyes or move my body. This morning, with a very heavy and steady rain pouring down, was nearly an impossible morning. And the road rage the burbled up from my belly on the way into work came pouring out my mouth with toxic words not even a drunken sailor would use (I don't understand why people here refuse to get into the turn lane when making a turn. It's a perfectly good turn lane.). Any way...let's just say I've reached toddler-needs-nap-or-melt-down-in-3-2-1 state. But it's Friday! Which means I really can take a nap when I get home! I don't have to prepare dinner or lunch or get things ready for the next day. I do need to vacuum....but my house is small. I don't have to worry about peeling my body out of bed at the sound of the alarm clock. Sleeeeeeppppp! I'm gonna do that. I am so thankful.

I am thankful for the friends coming to visit this weekend. I am thankful for the rain. I am thankful for the wonderful care packages and cards being sent in our direction. I am forever grateful and thankful for all of you. Happy weekend and Thankful Friday.