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Just after we moved to KCMO, the OKC zoo got a brand new baby elephant. They also put in a new elephant habitat. So I didn't hesitate when I got a text Sunday from Traci saying that they were at the zoo and then asked if I wanted to see the baby elephant. Yes! Yes I did want to see that baby elephant. And she's so cute and fuzzy and I think if I had a slightly bigger car, she'd fit in it and I could bring her home. I don't know when my fascination with elephants actually started. I've always loved them. I just think they're magnificent. They are the largest mammal on land and for the most part live peaceful lives. In fact, they have very human like qualities. They fight when provoked. They form strong and loving bonds. They mourn their dead. They have a language. They are magnificent. I will admit that sometimes, when I'm having snarky bad thoughts, I will remind myself to be more elephant like. It may seem insulting to think of yourself as being like an elephant what with their size and appearance. But then again, it's all about perspective. I look at an elephant and see it's beauty and it's strength. It's easy to want to behave like an elephant.

Yes, I love the new baby elephant and would gladly take her home with me. Plus, I got to spend the day with this kid.


Happy Love Thursday.