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Cindy Maddera


I've always believed in the power of connections. There's a reason we are all on this planet together at the same time and one individual's actions affects the multitude. This is why, of course, we should all be working together as a team. I know. It's all very hippie socialist. I have very hippie socialist ideas. I'm sure I'm on some sort of watch list. But think about it. Let's say you purposely punch someone in the nose (1). That person is probably going to punch you back (2). This violence will most likely be witnessed by at least one other person (3). The witness takes in the energy from the violence which then gets spent by hitting, yelling, crying to or with or at someone else (4). See how this wave continues to grow? Now flip that. Instead of a punch in the nose, you gave a hug or words of love and encouragement and we see how that wave spreads. We are all connected. You know what else reinforces that connection? The Internet. Sweet Suebob got out her bullhorn on Twitter and the lovely Kizz put out a call and people sent out some serious good vibes. And we had a really good day followed by another pretty good day. Most of those vibes came from strangers. I don't know them and they don't really know me. But they came. See? We are all connected. Words of encouragement mean just as much from a stranger as they do from your own mother. And when you receive it, you pass it on.

We've been asked many times if we believe in prayer. We do. Maybe we don't say traditional prayers in our home, but we do take time to acknowledge to power of connections, the good in our lives. Prayer is just another form of that good energy. And we'll take it. We'll take a little for ourselves and pass on what we can to others in need. Today, I love all of you, friends and strangers alike.

Happy Love Thursday!