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Poorly Differentiated Adenocarcenoma. Thems big words. Words that will never stop ringing in my ears, but maybe I need to rewind and fill in some gaps. Chris has been suffering from what we thought to be Hepatitis A for over a month now. Early Friday morning, the pain became too much for him so I rushed him to the ER. Tests and bad news. They found a mass in Chris's liver. He never had Hep A. Suddenly, in a blink, I've become one of those blogs. I've become a cancer blog. Yup. Chris has cancer. We know what kind, but we don't know all the facts. More tests to come before we get a game plan. Until the news, we still believed that the mass was just an impossible tortilla chip. That's just not to be.

Yesterday the voices in my head were talking so loudly that I thought I'd peel my skin off. All the what ifs played around and around. Do you know, I don't know how to pay the bills? It's true. Chris does all that. We're a team. C & C music factory. Now, we're a scared team. But we are on our way to a plan to get Chris better. Our new motto? It's going to suck for a while and then it's going to get better. Because that's really our only option.