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As most of you know by now via Facebook, we have a little sewage backup problem in the basement. Wednesday evening I went down to the basement to retrieve the Christmas decoration boxes and as I opened the door a wave of poop stench wafted in my direction. That's when I saw the puddle of human waste and my heart started to pound in my chest. You're probably wondering what I could possibly be thankful for this week. Well, I gots many things. First of all the poo puddle only touched one box that is loosely held together with duct tape and probably only contains miscellaneous things that should have been tossed in the move any way. Nothing is completely ruined. Secondly, we caught the sewage problem early. After reading some horror stories online, I realized just how lucky we are. I read stories of basements being flooded with two inches or more of sewage, floating tampons, ruined carpet and walls. Our poo puddle is disgusting, but totally manageable. Thirdly, when I called our now former landlord to get some advice on the whole clogged sewer problem, he said he'd come over and take care of that. So I'm extremely thankful that I had someone to call for help. And last but certainly not least, I am thankful that my work provides it's employees with a lovely gym that includes a locker room with showers. Because turning the bathtub water on seems to make the flooding worse.

See...look at all that optimism! When I discovered the poo puddle, Chris mumbled something about this happening while he's sick. I just shrugged and said "shit happens". Oh how we laughed. But it's true. It could have been so much worse. We are just thankful that it's all manageable.

Here's to a poo free weekend and a very Thankful Friday!