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Cindy Maddera


Chris is home! The shower is fixed! Chris still has cancer! Wait...that's not really all that awesome. Forgive me. I'm still having a hard time forming complete sentences. Chris is doing better. He still has internal shunts draining bile from his liver. His bilirubin levels are dropping and the liver doctor seems pleased with his progress. So they let him come home. You don't know how ecstatic this makes me and him. He's tired, but feeling better. Now, let's talk tumors (we can pickle that). Chris's tumor is in tricky spot on his liver. Right now, surgery is just not an option. The next step is chemo. We meet with the chemo doctors on Friday. Here's what we want to happen. We want Chris to respond well to chemo and shrink that tumor. If they can shrink it down, then they could go in and remove it. This is the plan we are clinging to with every fiber of our beings.

First of all, I can't thank you enough for all the kind thoughts and good juju you've been sending our way. The road ahead is going to be hard. Really hard. Harder then any thing I've ever had to deal with ever. And Chris and I are more than willing to give this a fighting chance. I've already threatened him with gallons of wheat grass juice. Things will be changing around here for sure. Hopefully for the better. Chris still stands by his belief that the Universe brought us to KCMO for a reason. The Universe just couldn't be all that cruel to give us one year of awesome only to abandon us now. I think he's right. Actually, I know he's right.

We take each day as it comes. We rejoice in tiny triumphs. That's just how we roll.