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Cindy Maddera


I've always been the cheerleader. Maybe my stint as an honest to goodness cheerleader in middle school didn't last long. I wasn't cut out for the backstabbing skort world of sports. I consider myself more of a life cheerleader. I am always there to send out an encouraging word and cheer on any one who needs it. I think it's a pretty easy job. But suddenly I've found the that the tables have been turned. I've been put on the receiving end and it's odd and at times overwhelming. I am thankful for every little note, message, text, email, all of it. We spoke to hospice care this week, a talk that I thought would be depressing and downtrodden. Chris and I had already decided to not sign up for it until things got worse. But as our case worker talked about the program and the things that they provide, I realized that this was something we could use now. I realized that I needed the peace of mind that a nurse was going to come in and check on Chris once a week to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. Plus, I liked our case worker's attitude. She was adamant about getting Chris up and moving and getting nutrition into him. She said that she wants the patients to live, not lay around giving in to death. Today, I am thankful for hospice care.

On the horizon, I can see a blip of light. I have some hope that we have more than months, but years left. I am more than thankful for that little blip of light. Hope your weekend is blessed and your Friday is thankful.