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You know? I haven't really said much about the Pen Pal project. That's because the Pen Pal Project kind of went flop, with a few exceptions. My niece, Amanda. Just this week I received an envelope from her containing three hand written letter. Two of these were actually written by her and one was a random note from their neighbor. I don't know my sister's neighbors so the note had me perplexed. All I can think of is that Amanda thought it would be funny to include and it was. Amanda may be slow on the sending part of this project, but she makes up for it with all the writing. I am thankful for these letters from her. I am thankful that she takes the time to write them. I know she's really busy with Senior year stuff and work. So it really means a lot to me that she takes the time to write. These letters keep her close. She's all grown up these days and it happened all over night. I remember when she used to come stay with us when we lived in Chickasha. She was so little and would only eat mashed potatoes and gravy. She thought the emus next door where ducks. Her hair was curly. Needless to say that she now knows the difference between emus and ducks. She has a plan and knows what she wants. I am thankful for the young woman that she has grown to be.

As I write today's entry, I realize that I have not said grace before our evening meal all week. Part of that is because Chris has been ill (he's been to the doctor and will eventually recover) and not eating. I have been left on my own for dinner (a bit unsupervised). I just didn't think it was right to say grace over a bowl of cereal or a peanut-butter-banana sandwich. Shame on me. It's not the meal, but the act of taking a moment to be grateful for your day that matters. I am grateful for my days.

Happy Weekend and Thankful Friday!