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For the life of me I swear that was what they were singing in that song and the only reason I now know it's "One toke over the line" is because I just looked it up to make sure I had the lyrics right. I did not, but "one toe over the line" fits the content of this entry better than "one toke over the line", unfortunately (?). This is one of those entries that really belongs later down the road like in the end of December or the first of January, but my head is swirling with ideas and things for the New Year that I just can't stay present. I had some vague plans for myself last year, but I kind self-sabotaged them with this whole life changing moving event. All plans went out the window and the new plan became "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming". I'm tired of swimming. Also, my fingers are all pruney. It's time to dry out and stand still for a bit. Settle. Hang shit on the walls. Empty some boxes. Get organized. Clean out. All those thing we put on our resolution lists every year. I want that.

But I think the biggest (and most important) plan for 2012 is to get my health under control. I know. You're over there shaking your head and mumbling "what the Hell is she talking about?!?". Well, the truth is, I'm not quite as healthy as I'd like to be. My yoga practice has been pretty slim lately (sinus issues + down dog = bad news bears) and my meditation practice never really recovered after the move. I really need to fix this and get back on a schedule. I keep waiting for I don't know what. It's one excuse after another and that's all it is, an excuse. Excuses are not obstacles. Obstacles are things like broken limbs, uncontrollable vomiting, things that physically keep you from doing. Speaking of which, I must deal with the issues going on with the right side of my body.

Back in June, I fell out our back door. Literally. One second I was on the back step turning to pull the door closed and the next I was laying crumpled on my right side in one of Hooper's recently dug out "cool spots" (a hole). I got up, shook myself off and everything seemed fine, but the next day, I got out of bed and my ankle hurt. Then my knee started to ache and then my hip and now if I've been sitting for some time I'm all gimpy when I get up to walk. That's just sad. So, in 2012 I am finding a chiropractor and getting the gimp taken out of my step.

I think if I get my health in order all the other stuff will fall into place or at least be easier to accomplish. One task at a time.