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I realize that I'm only blogging twice a week these days. I don't mean to be neglectful, but I'm dried up. I'm a creativity black hole. That, and there's just not much going on these days. I'm busy at work, busy at staying on top of things with the home, busy with Christmas cards and presents. Busy. 'Tis the season ya'll. Our friends Tiffany, Tom and Allison are in town visiting his family and we were able to meet them last night for dinner. Afterward, we all came back to our house where I gave a tour of our home (I will never get tired of showing people our basement). Allison and I played and played while the adults got caught up on all the news. And after many yoga poses, twice through the Peanut-butter-jelly song, little piggy performed on every toe and finger, and cooking up my arms and legs for an act of cannibalism, Tiffany and Tom declared that it was time to go home. And Allison cried. It was not the "I'm so tired" cry, but the cry of a heartbroken child. She cried the tears of "you just killed my puppy" cry and it cracked my heart. All I could do was hug her close and cry with her.

And that's where we are today. We are warm from the love of friends visiting and a bit sad over goodbyes. Mostly we are looking forward. We're looking forward to better health, to more visits with the people we love, and to just more. It's really hard to write entries for now when my head is swirling in the future. But I promise, I've got some entries in here somewhere to keep us going.