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I had a lot of entry ideas for this week's Love Thursday floating around in my brain, and I finally decided to go the sappy route only because the words for that entry have been piecing themselves together in whole sentences in my head. Those sentences are taking up too much space. Earlier this week, I noticed that my friend Jen had posted something about Swiftwind. Swiftwind is a Masters of the Universe thing and reading her entries brought up some memories. J was a HUGE fan of He-Man and watched the cartoon faithfully. He would stand in front of the TV with his little He-Man sword held high and declare that "He. Had. THE POWER!". He was a staunch defender of Grayskull. And for the rest of his life, J did have the power and was a staunch defender. He never stopped believing that he was He-Man.

There was a time, probably when we were kids, where we all believed we had some kind of power. Most of us either stopped believing or just forgot. I think it's more of the latter. It's easy to forget we have any kind of power. The truth is we have a lot of power. We have the power of our voices to right a wrong. We have the power to love and find the beauty in things that are different. So today's Love Thursday is a reminder. Remember that you have the power. Use it wisely.

Happy Love Thursday!