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Last year, one of Chris's co-workers gave us a nativity scene for Christmas. She had heard that I'd fallen in love with a certain nativity scene that was being sold at a local furniture shop. Every time they played an ad featuring that nativity, I would exclaim how craptacular it was with the fake moss and serious figurines. We didn't really have a place to set it last year (we barely had a place for the tree), but this year we have the perfect spot. As I was taking it out of the box, Chris was lamenting the fact that he never picked up a Tauntaun to add to the nativity. Then he started going on about all the things he'd like to add and how he envisioned one day the entire credenza covered with an action figure nativity. You know how some people put up a miniature Christmas village? Something like that, but centered around our nativity scene. And as he was describing how he would hang a helicopter over it all so that it would pass back and forth over the baby Jesus and maybe throw in the Batman signal, I looked at my husband and knew that he was the best decision that I've ever made.

This year's additions to the nativity scene: Abominable Snowman, Princess Leia, and a dancing Ganesh.

Happy Love Thursday!