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Cindy Maddera


This week seemed to move in slow motion. I used to hate weeks like this. If a week had dragged on like this before, I'd be writhing in despair under my desk. But today, I was trying to schedule a training for someone who wants to use a microscope and as I looked at the calender I realized that this month is practically gone. This year has flown by in a crazy blur. I am thankful to have a week where time slows down a bit and I have a chance to catch my breath. The slowness of the week has inspired me to spend some time with the manual settings on my camera, take the time to be still for that night picture, knit, and finally take that polish off my toenails (the same polish I've had on since maybe June). Also, Monday I taught my third class at the private catholic school for underprivileged teens. I haven't wanted to say to much about it until I knew how the class would go. I have twelve to thirteen teenage girls and we meet in a small reception hall at the back of the church. There's a huge statue of the Virgin Mary staring right at me as I teach these girls sun salutation. Some of the girls are there because they think it's an easy grade, but most of them are really into it. Even the apathetic ones try. I have three rules for the class: never endure pain, be present on your mat, and it's OK to laugh. And we do. We laugh and giggle, but when it's time for final relaxation they all lay quietly on their mats. I love it and I'm sure I enjoy teaching the class more than they like being there. I am so thankful for each one of those girls and I am thankful that I've been allowed to teach them yoga.

As always, I am thankful for Chris. I am thankful for dog who has taken on the habit of sighing like a leaky balloon. And I am most thankful for all of you. Happy weekend and Thankful Friday.