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Chris and I have been talking about black and white situations a lot recently. Not racially speaking, that's a whole other entry unto itself, but right or wrong type issues. It seems to me that the line between black and white has become so far blurred that it's not even considered gray anymore. Case in point, the Penn State scandal. I have no idea what motivated the students to riot at Penn State over the firing of Paterno. I'd like to think that they just weren't thinking it through and just wanted to riot for riot sake. But to me, this is a perfect example of a black or white issue. Paterno was in a position of power, but chose to do nothing. Shame on him. EVERY PERSON THAT KNEW OR SUSPECTED JERRY SANDUSKY OF CHILD ABUSE BUT DID NOTHING SHOULD BE FIRED. Actually, if it were up to me, they would also be prosecuted. There's no gray area here. You see a child being hurt, you stop it and call police. I can't even imagine or wrap my brain around any reasoning otherwise.

My second example is Occupy Wall Street. I've been really quiet about this issue, but enough is enough. I've been reading Mocha Momma and her fight with Bank of America and it just makes me mad. It makes me mad because she's done everything right. The bank fucked up. But yet, she's the one in danger of losing her home. The last couple of days, I've seen ads on TV for Chase and Bank of America about how they provide jobs and they do all this good and blah, crap, blah and it just makes me sick. Don't let these commercials fool you. These banks are responsible for kicking good hard working people out of their homes.

All of this just makes me think that we need to go back to kindergarten. We've forgotten the basic rules of how to behave and treat each other. I don't consider myself a Christian, but it seems to me that there's a universal verse of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Would you want the abuse to continue? Would you want your home taken away by no fault of your own? There is zero gray area here. The answer is no.

I know this is a small time blog and most of the people who read this are all on my side. I also know there's not much that I can do. But I can let you know that our country's behavior problem is making me angry.