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Cindy Maddera


We all know that I was raised by a village. What you may not realize is that part of that village included The Muppets. Hours of Seseame Street, multiple viewings of Muppet movies, and numerous Saturday night evenings of The Muppet Show shaped my ideas and strengthened my imagination. When Kermit The Frog told me that I could be anything, I believed him with all my heart. When I was old enough to realize that Jim Henson was the brilliant brain behind The Muppets, it was almost too late. I mourned the passing of Mr. Henson like I would mourn the loss of an uncle. He was a beautiful creative mind that taught us to be kind to one another, to be silly, to dream, to be ourselves. He made us believe.

These are the reasons the new Muppet Movie turned me into a puddle mess of tears and snot. Chris said he hadn't had to dab his eyes so much during a movie since Schindler's List. It was full of nostalgic flashbacks, quirky musical numbers and crazy convoluted plot lines just like we saw in all the other Muppet Movies. It was classic and perfect. Kermit sounded like Kermit, Fozzie told the same kind of jokes, and Mrs. Piggy's flare for drama has not diminished. This movie is a reminder that The Muppets are timeless.