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Saturday morning I woke up early, so I got out of bed and rolled out my yoga mat. I'm not good at Saturday morning home practices. I'll get up and drive to a studio on a Saturday morning, but I struggle with rolling the mat out at home. My yoga practice is for me, meaning I do it for selfish reasons. To get up on a Saturday and do my practice, when I have the day off to spend with Chris or cleaning or something productive, just seems decadent. I mean, it's bad enough that I slept in until almost eight. But the first thought in my brain when I opened my eyes that morning was "I should get up and do yoga". I felt that I should honor that thought. It sort of started the ball for the day. After savasana, I deep cleaned my mat and then went out to the garden for the final (seriously) haul of tomatoes. I picked about twenty green tomatoes and I'm sure I left a few behind; they now line the windowsills of our south facing windows slowly turning to shades of red. We are hoping to make tomato soup some day. The day progressed and I went to a knitting shop to purchase a new set of circular needles for a project I'm working on. I had been given a gift card and I thought I only had $20 on it. This meant I could get a nice set of bamboo needles and maybe some pretty yarn for a hat for my sister. But as I checked out, the clerk said I had $50 on that card and I was all "wait! What?!!? I can buy that pretty soft purple yarn for myself too?!". I told the clerk that I had lingered over this yarn for a while, but it was too expensive and it was in my color, so it would have to be a knitting project for myself and because of that, I moved on to find a suitable yarn for my sister's hat. But because of the gift card, I could do something nice for me. What a treat!

You're like "where is this going? all I see are green tomatoes". It has something to do with honoring those first thoughts.'s not always a good idea (my first thought about the new job offer was to say "no"), but you know, those thoughts like "I should take a nap" or "I should walk down the street and take some pictures" (Dude, that's something I totally should do because the guy up the street grows these crazy wicked mums). I'm talking about those thoughts that would make you feel better, but you probably don't think you have the time for. Honor those thoughts.

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