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Our friends Amy and Roger came to visit us this weekend. Weeeee! We had two days to cram in as much food, laughter and fun as these old bodies could muster. We also went to the zoo. This was the first time for us to see our new zoo (we got in for free!). It's not really a new zoo, just new to us. In fact, the KCMO zoo is in the process of renovation. These are the plans for the new tiger and orangutan exhibit.

Expansion The New Tiger Exhibit

That's right folks. Your kids will be able to frolic right in the midst of Bengal tigers. Yeah!

But seriously. The Polar bear exhibit is brand new and I think the polar bear really likes it because she kept flipping around in the water and being all cute.


And they've done a nice job with the Australia exhibit. The kangaroos are not fenced in. They are free to roam. Crazy! I did here some guy telling his dad that kangaroos are not carnivorous. But then I heard a kid tell his little sister "that they will kill you, kill you to death". So....I don't know. But they're free to choose.


We also liked the skyride through the African Safari. It was a really great way to see all the grazers like gazelles and rhinos and giraffes. The camera battery had died by then, so I couldn't take a picture of the giraffes nibbling at our shoes. OK. They weren't that tall, but it sure seemed like it.

All in all. It was a good day and a great weekend.