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Cindy Maddera


Tuesday night, Hooper came in and went straight to bed. He didn't eat his food, didn't even want a cookie. He didn't even want to do his nightly front yard patrol. He had us worried. All night I fretted over having to take him to the vet and how we would pay the $5,000 fee to save his life. The next morning I got up and he'd cleaned his food bowl. He was right as rain. It reminded me of that time he sprained his tail from excessive wagging. We thought he'd broken his tail or had some spinal injury. No, he just wagged his tail too much. Well, today I am thankful that Hooper is OK. I am thankful that he's back to his crazy old self. I realize that Thankful Friday posts get to be random disconnected entries and this one will be no different. I promise. Most of my Friday entries are typed up every week on my iPad. I love my Apple products and the loss of Steve Jobs saddens me. But I am thankful for the things he has brought to this world. I am thankful for his reminder to "think different". I am thankful for his visionary thinking. 

And while I'm at it, I might as well be thankful for technology this week. I should be thankful for this every week. Without my smart phone and gadgets I would be all alone. I wouldn't be able to talk to dad or text with my mom. I wouldn't be able to chat with friends on a daily basis. These little interactions make me happy and I am thankful for each and everyone.

Have a blessed weekend and a very Thankful Friday.