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There's a fountain we pass every time we go to the laundry mat or COSTCO. The fountain sits up on a hill, so from the street you can't really tell what the monument is for. Just before the weather turned cold, but not before the leaves started to fall from the trees, I made Chris stop so that I could take a 365 day picture at this fountain. We trekked our way up the hill to the fountain, jabbering back and forth about silly (that's what we do), but when we got to the fountain and realized it was built to honor Eagle Scouts, we both became very still. It just seemed so, I don't have the right words, serendipitous I think. I thought for sure the fountain was there to honor a politician of some sorts.

Most of the men in my family are or were once involved with the Boy Scouts. I think my dad was even troop leader for my brother. J was one of the youngest Boy Scout to receive the Eagle Scout award and I just heard the other day that this weekend will be Quinn's first Cub Scout camping trip. There's just something about a Boy Scout. It's old fashioned and kitschy. They fit in the same category as watching the Muppet Show on Saturday evenings while my sister made fry-bread.

Eagle Scout

Here's to finding the serendipitous and happy Love Thursday!