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As we entered the Cider Fest on Saturday, we walked past an ice-cream vendor who had quite the ice-cream maker. His tractor like set up had every male participant stopping and staring. The machine is based off the old hand crank system except it uses a tractor engine to run the crank part. We stood, fascinated, watching the guy tinker with this and that and then the unveiling of the ice-cream. Chris and I shared a cup. It tasted just as good as all those times dad used to make ice-cream in his old hand crank machine. This happened a lot when we were kids, especially at Pepaw's house. Pepaw loved his ice-cream. I remember waiting and waiting. It seemed like it took hours and hours to make. I think this is why it tasted so good. It is a reminder to be patient. A couple of weeks ago, my Italian Phrase for the day was Abbia pazienza, be patient. How many times do I have to remind myself to abbia pazienza? Some times I feel like that little girl Chris and I watched flip out over TJ's yogurt. She was hopping up and down, pointing at the pink yogurt. IwantpinkIwantPINKiwantpppppink. She was saying it so fast, she was practically hyperventilating. Chris thought she was going to spontaneously combust. There are times when I feel this way on the inside, like that little girl is standing just under my heart jumping up and down, iwantpinkiwantpinkiwantpink. Those are days I have to remind myself to breathe and to abbia pazienza. Some times I am lucky enough to notice when things around me are telling me to abbia pazienza.

Almost Ready
Ice Cream Bucket
Ice Cream

I think it's nice when the world around you gets in on the act and start to remind you to abbia pazienza. It's true that sometimes you can be too patient, but usually, for the most part, good things come to those who wait. Like ice-cream.

Happy Love Thursday!