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Cindy Maddera


This week, the lows are expected to be at or near freezing with the highs only in the 50s. Meanwhile, the tomato plants are blooming and producing tomatoes. Like crazy. We have a bowl full of cherry tomatoes with lots of green ones still on the vine. And after poking around in the big tomato plant (also covered in green tomatoes), I found that big red one up there hiding deep in the center of the plant. I am still at a loss of what to do about them.

Cherry Tomatoes

I'm calling this garden season a success. We have kale to last us through the winter and if we're lucky some of the things we planted for the Fall will come up in the Spring. If you had told me three years ago that I would one day be an actual gardener, I would have laughed while throwing all my dead plants at you. In fact, the death rate for plants in my care was so high I could have been considered to be a plant mortician.

I can grow things. I can cultivate food from seeds. I have house plants. House plants that are thriving! I have tomatoes! Three years ago, these were all things I didn't think possible. Three years ago, I didn't think a lot of things were possible. Just goes to show you, I'm not as smart as you thought I was.