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Many of you know that I have a weekly chore list. Mondays, I clean the bathroom. Tuesdays are dust and vacuum days. Wednesdays, I water the plants and on Thursdays we do our laundry. But there's always other things that pile up like all the cards I got at BlogHer in a heap on my desk. Sometimes the house just needs a deep clean and that's what we devoted our Saturday to this weekend. We cleaned out and re-organized the kitchen. We dusted every nook and cranny. Grout was scrubbed. Floors were mopped. Cobwebs vacuumed away. Those cards were rubberbanded and put away. Chris even mowed the front yard (the lady across the street guilted him into it by mowing hers). By the end of the day I was walking through the house saying "this house is clean" like the little creepy lady in Poltergeist. As a reward, we treated ourselves to our favorite little Chinese take out place and a bottle of wine we discovered while cleaning.

186/365 Take Out
Raise a glass
Just a cork

And the next day, after breakfast at our favorite place and grocery shopping, we went to the Plaza Arts Fair. I didn't take a single picture. It was perfect. I spend a lot of time thinking about how I'm going to turn things into a blog entry. We go to these fun things and the camera is out and at the ready. And I'm only half present. Leaving my camera in the bag today was the best decision I could have made for this weekend.

We came home, took a nap and then I made a simple spaghetti dish with some good bread. When we said our evening grace, we gave thanks to a weekend of clean, rest and fun. So say we all.