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Cindy Maddera


I am sitting here wondering what in the world has happened to the month of September. Where exactly did it go? What did I do with this month? Actually, I am thankful to be moving on to October. Mostly because I want some pumpkins. Last week I was lamenting the need for pumpkins and Chris made a grunting noise. I looked over at him and said that I promised to buy "normal" pumpkins this year. He made me double-promise that I would not get a pumpkin that required a Skil saw to carve (like last years).  Also, with any luck, this will be the month we finally close on the house. I have said that every month since July. This time I really mean it. There are plans for visits from friends this month (something else I am thankful for) and it would really be nice to say that they are visiting our house. Not the place where we are squatting.

I think what I am most thankful for this week is how uneventful it has been. There have been no phone calls of bad news. No illness. No catastrophes. Just calm. I like it this way. Even the weather has cooperated and I've been able to ride my scooter to work everyday without incident. I have had to wear socks and a heavy coat, but only for the ride in. It's odd to be living in a place that has an actual Fall season, the kind I'd see on tv. We plan on taking advantage of that starting with apple cider donuts.

I hope that you have had a week to be thankful for. I also hope that you have a weekend full of the same. Have a very thankful Friday.