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Yesterday, Chookooloonks posted a question asking about your top five best decisions. I was surprised that I didn't have to hesitate to answer. I mean, it's easy to list five bad decisions. I could list hundreds of them, too many of them wardrobe or food related. But five good things? I think they were easy because they are all things that I love or have led to great happiness. Chris: This was easy. OK...I did have to be convinced that marriage was a good idea. And it was. It is. But the decision to be with Chris, in this relationship is easily the best decision.


Hooper: I have often said that we didn't rescue Hooper as much as he rescued us. He doesn't fail to make us laugh every day. Even when he has fleas.


The Scooter: No brainer. Hands down. Third best decision.

75/365 Zoom, zoom

Taking This Job: The decision to say yes to this job opened the both of us up to some much needed change. It led us to happy and new and crazy and did I mention happy? was a really good decision.

Yoga Teacher Training: I learned a lot about myself and my health by doing this program. It caused me to develop my own practice. I've learned to go easy on myself and I've learned to challenge myself. Most of all I've learned that I really enjoy sharing my practice with others. It's something I love to do.

145/365 Impromptu Yoga, Kansas City MO

I think that's the thing. That's the key to making a good decision. Is it something you love? Is it something that will make you smile? Is it something that may seem difficult at first, but in the end will bring you joy?

Happy Love Thursday!