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Cindy Maddera


Sunday, while I was baking an apple pie, Chris went on an apple hunt. He was searching for a specific apple. He didn't find it, but he did come home with a box of Reese's Pieces. He said "I got these for you. You can take them to work". I said thank you and kind of shrugged my shoulders. You see, I had just made an apple pie. I didn't need the Reese's. But I took them with me to work any way. And you know what? I did need those Reese's Pieces. I've eaten on them all week and every time I've poured some out to munch on, I've thought of Chris. Yesterday was World Peace Day. I knew it was coming, but had forgotten about it until someone mentioned doing some nice things in honer of that day. Simple things. Things like just smiling at that person that you pass every day that always seems to have a sour face. And I thought of those Reese's Pieces. I thought, why don't we make every day World Peace Day? The truth is we do nice things for the people we love every day. They may be the simplest thing, so simple we don't even realize we're doing it. It's that easy. But for those people we don't love? The strangers, the acquaintances. Those people only get one day?

Smile. Compliment someone. Add a little change to the change jar. Every day. That's your challenge this Love Thursday. Spread the love. Happy Day!