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All week, I've been seeing hidden meanings in my Italian Phrase a Day Calender. Monday was "Tengo il resto" which translates into "keep the change". I saw this as more like "let's keep this change going!", not "hey why don't you just hang on to that whole dollar instead of giving me change back". Tuesday was "Sono in retardo" or "I'm late". This was a bit worrisome because it implied (to me) that my period was late, which (thank the Gods) it wasn't. And yesterday's phrase just made me laugh. Sparisci or "get lost". Getting lost is how Chris and I end up finding some of the coolest things. Sunday, on our way home from the winery, I said to Chris "Hey! Let's go see what Arrow Rock is!". We took the exit for Arrow Rock and ended up on this small country road. No map, just the two of us and a some what sense of direction. We had the most fun. There used to be a time where I'd panic with out a map. I remember waiting for a subway to take me to Chrome on my last day in New York. I didn't have a map and the subway platform threw me off. I felt a little panic bubble rising in my chest and I had ask someone if I was headed in the right direction. I was and that person made sure I got on and off the subway at the right stop.

So what's the real fear here? Am I afraid of being without a map or afraid of having to ask for help? Either way, I seem to have lost it. Letting go of this fear has lead us to things that we love. This leads to me to wonder what other fears I've been hanging onto that could be keeping me from things I love. Remember how I was afraid to go to yoga teacher training? That whole fear of not being enough?

Today I encourage all of you to sparisci. Get lost and find something you love. Happy Love Thursday!