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I still have plenty of pictures from my San Diego trip that I have yet to upload and edit. Part of me is disappointed in myself for not doing anything with these and just leaving them on my card. But then I realize that I need an image for a blog entry and I haven't taken anything that day worth showing. It's like finding a surprise in the bottom of your cereal box. I wasn't sure where today's entry would go (still not sure really). I started browsing through my old images, the ones still on the card, and I came across this one of the seagull. I remember taking this picture. I remember the sun beating down and the cool breeze. I remember how I tested the bird by getting as close as I possibly could. I remember getting so close and then he fluttered his wings a bit and I backed off. There was something to all of that. There was moment of stillness and calm. It was like both of us were holding our breaths. The fluttering of the wings reminded me to breathe and I took this picture.

Some times I realize I'm holding my breath. There's this road I sometimes take home from work. It's a pretty straight road except for one section that has a very hard curve. I struggled with this curve. I'd come to it and stop breathing and try to make the turn. I'd have to slow way down and then I'd get wobbly. One day I decided I was going to get this curve. I shifted my focus from the severity of the turn to all the things around it and to my breath. It was a perfect turn.

The power of the breath is an amazing thing. So today, for Love Thursday, I'll ask of you one simple thing. Remember to breathe.

Happy Love Thursday.